Brandon FL Real Estate and Community Information

Location Information

suburban home Brandon is a medium-sized Florida city that is located about 15 miles west of the Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg area in Hillsborough County. This convenient location offers access to several regional transportation hubs including Interstate 75, State Route 60, State Route 93-A and the Selmon Expressway.

A Brief Community History

The first people who lived in our community included a group of Tocobaga Indians who settled in our area approximately 600 years ago near what is now the Selmon Expressway. They established villages that overlooked large hunting and fishing territories.

Several Spanish explorers and missionaries visited these villages during the first half of the 16th century. One of the pathways they developed to visit these villages was used by our community's founder John Brandon in 1858 to travel to our area for the first time.

Brandon purchased a 40-acre parcel during the late 1850s that was located near what is now the intersection of Knights and Victoria Streets. Some of this land was later donated to the city for use in the construction of our community's first schools and churches.

Modern interest in Brandon's homes for sale was established during the 1950s by Tampa Bay-area motorists who discovered our area's quiet surroundings and affordable home prices. This interest spurred the development of several subdivisions that are located near Hopewell Avenue and Kingsway Avenue. Further interest in our homes for sale was fueled by the construction of a section of Interstate 75.

Brandon is now a thriving community that offers homebuyers a stable economy, safe neighborhoods and access to many outdoor recreational opportunities. These benefits make relocating to Brandon worthwhile to anyone who values a stable lifestyle.

Background Information About Brandon's Real Estate Market

Most homes for sale in Brandon were constructed during the last 60 years. Many of these homes feature Space Age, Modernist and Postmodernist designs that are complemented by family-friendly floor plans, detached garages and varying lot sizes.

Other Brandon-area homes for sale include farmhouses and vintage homes that were constructed during the 1920s and 1930s. These homes feature interesting room sizes and long hallways that offer fans of vintage homes many interesting interior design options.

Background Information About Brandon's Climate

Brandon features a subtropical climate that produces long periods of humid and hot weather. This climate can produce thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes that produce hail and high winds. This climate can also produce occasional cold snaps that produce subfreezing temperatures that can last for up to 7 days. These weather conditions are usually offset by periods of drier and sunny weather that make Brandon one of Florida's most popular springtime destinations.

Information About Brandon's Economy

Brandon's economy is driven by several service-related industries that provide direct services to firms that sell financial products, groceries, prepared foods, logistics services and health care services to consumers. These industries are complemented by construction and education industries that offer value-added services to clients.

Moreover, Brandon's economy also relies on tourism industries that attract many people to the greater Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg area. Many of these industries are located near Interstate 75 and the Selmon Expressway.

Information About Nearby Schools

Brandon is home to several schools that offer a high-quality education and fun extracurricular activities. Some of these schools include:
Several public schools that are operated by the Hillsborough County School District.
Southwest Florida College.
Southern Technical College.
Hillsborough Community College.
The University of Tampa.

Nearby Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Post Offices and Supermarkets
Brandon is located near five shopping centers and several hundred locally owned restaurants. Most of these businesses are located near popular transportation hubs including Brandon Boulevard, Causeway Boulevard, Providence Road, East Bloomingdale Avenue and Eagleview Drive.

We are also located near four post offices and more than 200 supermarkets. Most of these establishments are located near Bloomingdale Avenue and Kingsway Road.

Nearby Recreational Facilities and Activities

Brandon is located near many recreational facilities that are operated by the Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department. Some of our favorite recreational facilities include Lake Rogers Regional Park, Brooker Creek Headwaters Preserve, Upper Tampa Bay Trail, Bakas Equestrian Center and Double Branch Bay Preserve. These outdoor attraction offer access to boat launches, picnic areas, equestrian trails. camping sites, hiking trails, fishing spots and playgrounds that make planning a fun day out with your family simple.

Moreover, the Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department also offers several recreational activities that are open to all Brandon Residents. Some of our favorite recreational activities include aerobics classes, tap dancing classes, karate courses and tumbling courses. Other popular recreational activities include recreational activities for the disabled, youth summer camps and several youth after-school programs. For current information about these recreational activities, homebuyers who wish to contact Bethany Ezell and Kesia Thompson may call 813-635-3500 during regular business hours.

Nearby Attractions

Brandon is located near many fun Hillsborough County attractions. Some of our favorite attractions include Lowry Park Zoo, the Tampa Museum of Art, Hillsborough River State Park, Diamond Hill golf course, and the Ybor City Historical District.

Nearby Events

Most Brandon homes for sale are located within a 20-mile radius of many popular Hillsborough County events. Some of our favorite events include the Outback Bowl College Football Classic, the Gasparilla Film Festival, the Tampa Bay Festival of Reading, the Progressive Tampa Boat Show and the Tampa Festival of Chocolate. For more information about events that take place near Brandon, please visit this event website that is maintained by Bay News Channel 9 and the Visit Tampa Bay® Tourism Board.

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