Finding the Best Real Estate in Apollo, Florida

beach To live in Apollo Beach, Florida, is akin to embracing paradise. A year round climate that millions flock to to get away from frosty weather. Beautiful beaches with some of the clearest blue water you'll ever lay eyes on. Attractions, sites and a lifestyle that, again, attracts millions, but that residents get to enjoy at their leisure. Thriving businesses that encourage economic growth and plenty of professional opportunities. And homes where people thankfully rest, knowing their decision to live in this great city was one of the best ones they ever made. That list includes Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter.

Everyone talks about Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, making Apollo Beach a treasured Florida secret. While a popular tourist destination in its own right, it can still boast gated communities where serenity is commonplace and walking barefoot along a quiet beach is possible. This is a city from where you can travel easily to the most famous cities in the world, but can also stay in the region and take advantage of a vibrant nightlife, zoos, museums, aquariums, healthy recreation, shopping, dining and outdoor activities. It's the home of water sports, golf, spas and parks, surrounded by the kind of weather that makes it easy to get out and explore.

When you contact Bethany Ezell and Kesia Thompson — a pair of top realtors that know South Florida in general and Apollo Beach in specific — you're ensuring you give yourself access to the best the region has to offer. Start with a thorough conversation about what you're in the market for. And there's no doubt we can help you find it. Whether it's the perfect rental, luxury home, on the beach housing, empty lots to build on or properties for investment purposes, we can walk you through Apollo Beach. We will go from Rubia Circle to Jumana Loop with your criteria until we've matched it.

Use our website to browse listings, which we promise are updated regularly. Take a look at our My Home Tracker tool to define your searches, sorting by feature and saving properties you're interested in. View a map that highlights average prices in the region and cull through professional photographs. You can even take a virtual tour. Expect our services to save you time. Expect our foot work to ensure you never see a home that doesn't meet your standards.

We know Apollo Beach and the value of its neighborhoods. We don't merely pull information on sales of comparable houses. We have the experience and background to tell you why a property is worth its weight and what assets prove it. As your rep, expect us to help you deal with the most delicate moments in a real estate transaction, such as the aforementioned offering, price negotiation or the ever touchy subject of repairs to make sure you're getting the best home for your money.

Expect us to have dozens of resources and contacts on listings, comparisons and benchmarks. We work closely with the region's property management companies and homeowners associations, providing invaluable information about their charges and working through their processes.

We have listings other local agents may not even know about. Our connection to Apollo Beach puts you in a favorable position. There are private sellers who are as interested in selling to good people as there are good people looking for a home. While many sellers plaster their properties across many listings and with many agents, there are those who don't widely publicize. A lot of our clients are selling exclusively through us with the understanding there is to be no aggressive promotion. They only want to see serious buyers that they believe will care for the home and enhance the community. Other homeowners and investors are on the lookout for renters that won't cause problems. We honor their wishes gladly. That's to your advantage.

Another great aspect of our services concerns the dreaded mound of paperwork you can look forward to. Documents associated with buying a house can fill a bookcase. Written offers, written counteroffers and counter-counteroffers, agreements to perform specific repairs, the details of the sale, tax papers, all have to be filled out meticulously. Miss a single check box and the entire process can be stalled for weeks.

We'll make sure that never happens. We'll keep you on track and on schedule every step of the way, but give you the leeway to operate at your pace. We'll also keep a solid record of the entire transaction. Should you find you need to confirm or investigate any aspect of the sale, you'll be able to come right to us.

This is what we do!

There's nothing more valuable in the home buying process than having an ear to share personal experiences. Expect to always going get full disclosure about our practices on your behalf. We're fully licensed to operate here in Florida and adhere to a code of conduct that advocates truth in advertising. Your best interests will always be at the forefront, as our ethics allow no other way to operate.

Bethany Ezell and Kesia Thompson understand all the unique elements of foreclosures, appraisals, inspections, tax considerations, schools, parks, spas, etc. We can help ensure the property title is clean and there's no out-of-the-picture relative that can pop up and stop the sale. We can be instrumental in shaving an asking price to meet your financial situation. We'll advise on getting the best rate for a mortgage and where to find it. You can use our code expertise to find out what you can and cannot do with the property, such as expanding the house or adding carports.

So go ahead and contact Bethany Ezell and Kesia Thompson and start asking questions. Browse the website and get an idea of what we have to offer. You're not going to find a better representative for finding your dream home in Apollo Beach. And, like we said, we're pretty sure we'll find that dream home. That's the best part of our job.

Bethany Ezell And Kesia Thompson
Bethany Ezell And Kesia Thompson
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